ENY 6203 Insect Ecology

ENY 6203 Insect Ecology


This course is an introduction to the concepts in ecology with emphasis on insects. The relationships of insects with their biotic and physical environments, along with the roles of insects in nature, will be emphasized. The basics of ecological research will also be covered. This is one of the required courses in the entomology graduate curriculum.


ENY 3005/5006, or any introductory entomology course

Course Format

Location: Online

Course Goals

  1. Explain influences of an insect’s biotic and abiotic environment on evolution of life histories
  2. Describe causes and effects of patterns of insect species abundance and distribution within ecosystems
  3. Describe fundamental ecological principles underlying the development and application of insect pest management and insect conservation
  4. Evaluate and critique ecological primary literature for content and scientific quality
  5. Translate scientific ecological literature into lay public-accessible presentations


1Introduction to insect ecology
2Insects and climate
3Introduction to herbivory
4Plant defenses and insect counter defenses
5Resource niche and competition
6Natural enemy behavioral ecology
7Predator-prey and host-parasite interactions
8Insect defenses against enemies
11Life history strategies
12Insects in ecosystems
13Sampling insect populations
14Measuring community structure
15Factors affecting community structure