• The Resurgence of Malaria in the United States: A Medical Entomology Perspective 

    If you’ve ever lived or vacationed in a mosquito-friendly environment, you’re probably all too familiar with the itchy frustration that comes with always being on the lookout for those pesky insects. With the unexpected reappearance of malaria in the United States, the need to spray ourselves with mosquito repellant and continually pour out any stagnant…


  • 3 Natural Pest Control Options in Entomology 

    It’s no wonder insects are often referred to as pests. Discovering that six-legged intruders have invaded your garden overnight, intent on decimating your carefully cultivated vegetables, is undoubtedly disheartening. The sight of a cockroach scurrying under your refrigerator is equally unsettling.  While you could resort to spraying pesticides in your home and garden to eliminate…


  • Ant Anatomy and Morphology: Unlocking the Secrets of Ants 

    If you’ve never taken the time to delve into the intricately woven lives of ants, you’re missing out on an advanced social structure that could be compared to the Roman Empire. With a highly organized hierarchy, centralized leadership and a defined military, they’re a species of Formicidae worth watching.  Another fascinating aspect of this six-legged…


  • Exploring the Gender Gap in STEM Fields: Entomology Edition 

    For many of us, the subjects we’re expected to excel in have been ingrained since our elementary school days. Gender stereotypes have often painted boys as STEM enthusiasts and girls as creative word-wielders. While those stereotypes have changed in recent years, it’s evident that gender gaps in STEM careers still exist, including in the field…


  • Invasive Species Spotlight: Hemlock Woolly Adelgid 

    The hemlock woolly adelgid has a particular palate, feeding exclusively on hemlock trees. First discovered in Virginia, this invasive species has spread throughout the forests of the Appalachian Mountains, where it poses a serious threat to forest ecosystems. Invasive species experts have attempted to prevent the spread of these aphid-like insects, but management tactics, including…


  • How the Asian Citrus Psyllid Brought the Citrus Industry to Its Knees 

    Florida is synonymous with oranges. It’s the proud home of Orange County, boasts 569,000 acres of orange groves and offers tourists a special treat with its Florida Citrus Center gas stations filled to the brim with mounds of oranges beckoning you to take a five-pound bag home.  Floridians have every reason to be proud of…


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