5006L Graduate Survey of Entomology Lab

5006L Graduate Survey of Entomology Lab


This class provides the laboratory activities for the ENY 3005/5006 web course. In this lab, you will learn the anatomy of an insect, how to identify an insect to order, how to collect and curate insects, and you will learn a bit about how insects fit into our lives. There are a series of lab activities for you to complete during the semester. Some of the assignments are interactive virtual labs, some are hands-on labs that you must report on, and some are just for you to read through for the information. The first few labs will give you a foundation that will help you learn to identify insects so you can begin working on your collection. You will notice that there are two lab reports. These two experiments will take time to set up and will take a while to collect the data, so be sure to read them ahead of time. (You will hear this from me again.) Besides the insect collection and lab reports, there will be a lab exam at the end of the semester and several worksheets along the way.


Course Format

Location: Online


1Collection and Curation LabLab 1 -Insect Internal Morphology
2 and 3Lab 2 -Insect External MorphologyLab 3 -Using a Key (Insect Orders)
4Lab 4 –Pest Management Part 1
5Lab 4 –Pest Management Part 2
6Lab 5 –Soil Arthropods
8Lab 6 –Social Insects
9Work on data collection for Lab 7 This lab is weather dependent
10Lab 7-Insect Behavior –Vision
11Work on insect collection
12Lab 8 –Forensic Entomology
13Work on insect collection
14Collection DueInsect Collection and Curation Lab
15Lab Final Exam (Online)