ENY 5226C Principles of Urban Pest Management

ENY 5226C Principles of Urban Pest Management


This 3-credit-hour course and will cover the methods of managing urban pests, such as cockroaches, fleas, termites, flies, stored food pests and ants. Chemical and nonchemical methods of control will be emphasized and will emphasize that you:

  1. Learn to manage urban pest populations
  2. Understand methods of managing major pest species
  3. Learn methods of managing cockroaches.
  4. Learn methods of managing blood-sucking insects.
  5. Understand the management techniques for the major pest ant species.
  6. Develop strategies for managing important stored food pests.


  • ENY 3005-Principles of Entomology

Course Format

Location: Online

Special Research Project

Special research project must be approved by instructor and should be an in-depth review of the scientific literature. The research project report must be written as a scientific paper in Entomological Society of America format. PowerPoint presentation and written script will be a 10-minute scientific paper suitable for presentation at a scientific meeting. Student has the option of presenting the research.