ENY 5516 Turf and Ornamental Entomology

ENY 5516 Turf and Ornamental Entomology


Identification, biology, ecology, and management of common arthropod families and species inhabiting turf grasses and ornamental plants in urban landscapes (emphasis on the Southeastern U.S.) are discussed. Integrated pest management (IPM) (e.g., safe use of insecticides, biological and cultural control, plant resistance, etc.) is emphasized.


  • At least 1 semester of a college-level Biology course is encouraged, but not required.
  • Students should be self-motivated, avoid procrastinating, and ask questions if needed.
  • Students must have reliable access to a computer and basic computer skills to access course materials.

Course Format

Location: Online

Course Goals

  • Explain the rationale behind different IPM tactics in turf and ornamental pest management.
  • Recognize arthropods in different horticulturally-important orders and families by sight and by written description.
  • Differentiate arthropod signs and symptoms, and troubleshoot problems on various sites (e.g., lawns, golf courses, nurseries, greenhouses, or urban landscape plant beds)
  • Anticipate pest activity periods, evaluate turf and ornamental plant health, and create a practical management plan to solve arthropod pest problems.
  • Identify beneficial arthropods and explain why they are important in urban landscape systems.


1. Introduction to Entomology
2.Insects and Their Environment
3.The Foundation: Integrated Pest Management
4.Chemical Control of Insects
5.Insect Pests of OrnamentalPlants