ENY 6593 Advanced Mosquito Biology

ENY 6593 Advanced Mosquito Biology


Advanced Mosquito Biology is an in-depth course on mosquito classification, natural history, ecology, physiology, population dynamics, mosquito-borne disease and control. The relationships between mosquitoes, humans and the environment, along with the mechanisms of pathogen propagation and transmission, will be emphasized. The course will be offered in an online format by experts at UF Medical Entomology Laboratory.


There are no prior coursework requirements to enroll; however this is an advanced course and basic knowledge of ecology, cell biology, genetics, and molecular biology is highly recommended. Graduate students are encouraged to contact the course director with questions prior to enrolling in the course.

Course Format

Location: Online

Course Goals

  • Understand the fundamental biological processes governing the various life stages of the mosquito.
  • Identify human practices that promote the proliferation of anthropophilic mosquito species.
  • Analyze the suitability of an environment to support immature and adult mosquitoes in terms of its ecological factors, and to furthermore evaluate the suitability of the environment for mosquito-borne disease transmission.
  • Review and understand literature pertinent to mosquito biology including physiology, modeling, genetics, ecology, and disease transmission.
  • Scientifically and systematically assess contemporary issues related to mosquito ecology, control, and disease transmission.