ENY 6905 Non-Thesis Capstone Project

ENY 6905 Non-Thesis Capstone Project


This course serves as the final project for non-thesis master’s degree students. Throughout this course, students demonstrate their ability to apply knowledge gained during their graduate program to develop scholarly work that addresses important problems, issues and opportunities that are of professional interest to them

Types of Capstone Projects

  1. Research or demonstration in pest management, public health or other applied area of entomology and nematology
  2. Research into natural history, biology, behavior or conservation of insects and other invertebrates
  3. Development and/or execution of training for pest management scouts, mosquito control workers, the pest control industry or related groups
  4. Develop print or digital educational materials for outreach to extension or public health
  5. Develop curriculum and measure knowledge gained in a K-12 audience
  6. Literature review and synthesis of an under-studied entomological or nematological topic that addresses a professional knowledge gap or personal interest
  7. Portfolio of artistic endeavors or pieces related to insects or nematodes


  • ENY 6931 Seminar in Scientific Communication

Course Format

Location: Online

Course Goals

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Apply scientific principles and an understanding of the scientific process.
  2. Apply graduate coursework to an area of specific professional or personal interest.
  3. Generate new knowledge for appropriate instruction, extension or research fields.
  4. Create educational materials for appropriate audiences.
  5. Communicate the results of the project clearly in writing and in poster or oral presentation form.