ENY 6931 Seminar in Science Communication

ENY 6931 Seminar in Science Communication


This course is a 1-credit graded class that will help you practice various forms of scientific communication while learning to evaluate critically scientific information presented in written form and orally by invited speakers in our department’s weekly seminar series.


You should have taken at least a basic entomology class and, ideally, will be a year into your graduate program so that you can understand and appreciate the scientific content of the seminars.

Course Format

Course materials are organized into modules on the Canvas course website. They will include videos to view and analyze, scientific articles to read, and discussions and assignments to apply what has been learned.

Course Goals

  1. Evaluate the elements of an effective research presentation and provide constructive criticism.
  2. Design an engaging poster presentation based on critically evaluated scientific research.
  3. Produce a lay public-appropriate science blog using engaging, clear and concise writing.
  4. Plan and deliver an oral 8-minute scientific presentation applying effective presentation techniques.


Elements of effective oral science communication
Providing constructive feedback on oral presentations
Elements of effective poster presentation
Designing an engaging poster
Informal science communication
Designing an effective oral presentation