NEM 5004C Graduate Survey of Nematology

NEM 5004C Graduate Survey of Nematology


Nematodes are the most numerous multi-cellular animals on earth. They are present everywhere ranging from the coldest deserts in Antarctica to the tallest mountains and deepest ocean sediments. They are incredibly diverse. For instance, a handful of soil can contain hundreds of species of nematodes. Some nematodes play a role in ecosystem processes like decomposition, nutrient mineralization, or plant parasitism. Many are parasites of most species of invertebrate and vertebrate animals, including humans. In other words, nematodes are everywhere! Find out more about the worms that you tread upon every day.


Course Format

Location: Online

Course Goals

  • How nematodes are related to other worm-like invertebrates
  • How they look
  • How they function
  • Where they live
  • How they are classified
  • Their often complex life histories
  • The varied and critical roles that they play in ecology and our world
  • Aspects of the management of parasitic species
  • History of their discovery

This class will peak your curiosity about nematodes and prepare you for advanced nematology courses or classes in allied fields such as entomology, plant pathology, parasitology, or zoology.