STA 6093 Introduction to Applied Statistics for Agricultural and Life Sciences

STA 6093 Introduction to Applied Statistics for Agricultural and Life Sciences


This course provides students with a conceptual and practical understanding of the application of statistics in the agricultural and life sciences. This is an online course that will use a combination of lectures, programming demonstrations, data exercises using the programming language R, group activities, and primary literature to teach introductory statistics at the graduate level. This course is NOT a “go at your own pace” course. Each module must be completed in a specific week (see Course learning objectives in Syllabus).



Course Format

Course format is 100% online. Students watch lectures online and complete assignments, quizzes and finals, all online. Most of the course is about learning the R program language.

Course Goals

  1. Learn the programming language R
  2. Familiarize students with the foundations of statistical analysis
  3. Teach students basic statistical analysis and data management
  4. Prepare students for advanced statistics courses they will take throughout their graduate career


1Broad overview of statistics 
2Reproducible science / R 
3Knowing your data and Summary Statistics
4Visualizing your data and graphing your results
5Random variables and probability distributions 
6Hypothesis testing 
7Linear models 
10Simple regression 
11Multiple regression 
12Categorical data analysis 
13Monte Carlo tests 
14Future classes/analyses