ALS 6935 Topics in Biological Invasions

ALS 6935 Topics in Biological Invasions


This course focuses on non-native species invasions and environmental effects of these invaders. Students will develop analytical capabilities to assess the consequences of biological invasions. This course is oriented toward students in the biosecurity track major in the entomology department.


  1. Integrated Principles of Biology 1 and Laboratory (BSC 2010 and 2010L) or equivalent.
  2. Integrated Principles of Biology 2 and Laboratory (BSC 2011 and 201lL) or equivalent.

Course Format

Location: Online

Course Goals

From the lecture and course assignments, students will gain an understanding of the following concepts:

  1. A global awareness of the economic costs and environmental impacts of biological invasions.
  2. An understanding of the principles and basic practices of pest exclusion, eradication, and management tactics for biological invaders from six continents.
  3. An ability to assimilate information on biological invaders, and develop inferences from case study examples.
  4. A perspective on the research, extension, and regulatory components of biological invaders.
  5. An awareness of biological invader sin current events reported in the popular and scientific media.


1Review of Syllabus and Delivery PlatformActivity 1 (DueWeek 12): Present a 5-10 minute PowerPoint presentation on an invasive species of your choice. Include information on its origin, biology, environmental and economic impacts.Introduction: Non-Native Species in the World
2The Impacts of Alien Plants in Australia
2Invasive Vertebrates in Brazil
3The IFAS Assessment of Non-Native Plants in Florida’s Natural Areas
3Alien Plants in Britain
4Economic, Environmental and Social Dimensions of Alien Vertebrate Species in Britain
4Impacts of Alien Vertebrates in Europe
5Invasive Patterns of Alien Terrestrial Invertebrates in Europe
6Invasive Plant Pathogens in Europe
6Invasive Plant sin the Indian Subcontinent
7Invasive Invertebrates in India: Economic Implications
7Economic Impacts of Weeds in New Zealand: Some Examples
8Ecological and Economic Costs of Alien Vertebrates in New Zealand
8The Economic Consequences of the Environmental Impacts of Alien Plant Invasions in South Africa
9Spring Break
10Invasive Vertebrates of South Africa
10Rodents and Other Vertebrate Invaders in the United States
11Environmental and Economic Costs Associated with Alien Invasive Species in the United States
12Review of IFAS Assessment of Non-Native Plants Activity 2
12Student Presentations
12Student Presentations
13Student Presentations
Activity 2 Due
14Student Presentations
15Student Presentations
15Student Presentations
16Student Presentations ( if necessary)Course and Instructor Evaluation (5 points for completing evaluation) Review for Final Exam